21st Century exposures call for innovative and robust protection against Cyber Crime and the legal liabilities associated with handling data. Businesses can be exposed through a number of different forms of attack:

Examples of where we provide expert knowledge are:

Theft of Funds:

Theft of cash via electronic means/and or fraud.

Theft of Data:

Breach of GDPR regulation and potential ransom/extortion.

Damage to Digital Assets:

Loss of earnings, loss of reputation, loss of customers.

What are First Party and Third Party Cyber Insurance?

First Party insurance will seek to indemnify the policyholder against costs involved in responding to a Cyber attack in real time. This may include IT security and forensic support, legal advice relating to a beach of data and the costs associated with notifying businesses or individuals that their data has been compromised.

Following a Cyber incident, the policyholder may be liable to claims from Third Parties. For example, the transmission of harmful malware or negligence in protecting data. The policyholder may also be subject to fines from a regulatory body in respect of a breach infringement or from third parties in respect of a breach of intellectual property rights.

Ramon recognise that every business is unique. That’s why we tailor our client’s with a Cyber policy to meet their needs and protect their exposures.

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