P&I Insurance provides cover to Shipowners, Operators and Charterers for third party liabilities encountered in the commercial operation of a vessel.

Scope of cover:

  • Liability in respect of cargo
  • Liability for wreck removal
  • Liability arising from collision with other ships
  • Liability for loss of or damage to fixed and floating object

  • Liability for pollution
  • Liability in respect of crew
  • Liability to persons (other than crew and passengers)
  • Expenses of diversion of an insured ship

Our P&I team also specialise in the following insurances:

  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D)
  • Charterers Liability¬†
  • Charterers Defence

  • Charterers Bunkers
  • Piracy Risks
  • Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR)

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